With the Easter Long Weekend upon us we are once again reminded of the importance of our families and friends in our lives. I wrote this last year before I started blogging and I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this post to my Mama.

Mama this is for you...

Mama this is for you…

Everyone remembers those dishes from childhood, that our Mama’s used to make with love, and it would fill the home with warmth and deliciousness that will forever embed themselves into our memory and make us homesick whenever we get the slightest hint of a similar smell.

With the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, sometimes we forget the power of these yummy memories.

‘Back in the day’ it seemed that my Mother Dearest was always cooking up traditional Salvadorean food in the blink of an eye, and even though she made it from scratch it was always on the table before you knew it and we were indulging in it’s richness and deliciousness in no time.

Being older (and hopefully wiser!), although my Mama made it look super easy, I am now fully aware that it is actually quite a laborious process and must have taken her hours to make each meal!

So in time, we have reserved these delicious meals for special occasions, long weekends and holidays, so we can celebrate together and create new memories with our ever-growing families.

I bring you to this morning, when we lovingly ‘conned’ our Mama into making our FAVOURITE sweet – Buñuelos. Oh how this simple little treat brings happiness into our lives (and fullness to our bellies once we have eaten them all up!).

Once the house was filled with the amazing smell of Buñuelos cooking (imagine your home smelling like freshly made donuts), I was instantly taken back to all those warm and fuzzy memories and the importance of sharing a meal with my family became more apparent to me.

These are memories I want to share and create with my own little family, because one day when they grow up and move away and start their own lives, I hope that they can take comfort in these memories and know how much I love them and will always love them.

I know that these memories alone remind me of the love and effort my Mama put into providing for us, feeding us, and by doing so introducing traditional food into our lives which we otherwise wouldn’t have experienced.

So as we sit here enjoying ever last crumb of our Buñuelos – one thing is clear to me – it’s my turn now to make some memories with my little family. And I know exactly where to start!

What special family recipes bring you the warmest memories?



6 thoughts on “Memories…

  1. chethay2012 says:

    I remember lots of full roast dinner spreads with our grandparents at least once a month on a Sunday afternoon. Now my grandparents are getting older, & my Mum having done her fair share of extended family roast dinners over the last three decades, it’s my turn to step up & add extra chairs to the dining table every Sunday. I love that we are still continuing on this tradition, over sixty years later from when my Nana was dishing up a Sunday roast to my Mum & Uncles when they were little.
    Thanks for joining #TIK

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    • mamasvidaloca says:

      Pleasure! I am enjoying discovering so many new blogs! Continuing tradition is such a lovely feeling. Our family traditions are very important to us – I also look forward to continuing them with my children and hope they will pass it onto their children when the time comes. 🙂


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