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Jessica - The voice behind Mama's Vida Loca

Jessica – The voice behind Mama’s Vida Loca

As a parent, have you ever had one of those days that is so comically bad or good that you truly believe you could write one hell of a book on what parenting is really like? A tell-all who’s sole purpose is to abolish the notion that parenthood is all sunshine and rainbows and sheds light on the nitty gritty of everyday life as a parent?

I mean it certainly can be beautiful and loving and AH-MAZING! But it can also be full of sleepless nights, days spent elbow deep in runny mustard poop and dry crusty boogers smeared all over your face (and they aren’t even yours!).

As a Mama of two beautiful boys I tend to have PLENTY of those days, and in order to keep my sanity (somewhat!) I thought why not share these crazy moments with those who can relate.

So my friends, this blog is the good, the bad and the ugly side of parenting – I’m having fun with it all and enjoying every precious moment – even if I am usually covered in baby vomit!

I hope you enjoy!

Jessica -ox-